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Our universes

It is up to you to choose between the countless activities that Clubmoving offers you, guided by the very best sports coaches in Morocco:

  • Cardio and weight training technical platforms, with free access and a Coach Trainer’s Advices
  • Group courses
  • Personal Health Coaching
  • Courses in very small groups (Hit Box, Small Training Groups, ⓜ Box)
  • The rooms are spacious and airy with the latest technology, the aquatic areas are sports, soothing or playful

At Clubmoving, sweat for a better life!


The ⓜ Yoga space is the idyllic place for serenity and self-refocus. We invite you to discover the Feng-shui setting, imported directly from Asian culture rich in Zen values. Many Yoga techniques are practiced there, for an energy boost and a perfect combination of body relief and mental comfort.
Zen-attitude awaits you!

Nutrition is at the heart of the Wellness universe, it is what motivates us to always move forward in our gastro-nutritional approach. No more tasteless and lifeless diets, ⓜ Chef‘s dishes take you to a delicious world of lively flavors and unlimited favors for your health.
ⓜ Chef Juicery contributes to this by offering atypical juices, a happy marriage of fruit and vegetables, from healthy to tasty, from pleasant to beneficial. Our juices make a palette with sparkling colors and crossed tastes.

ⓜ Spa, all the beauty we love

At ⓜ Spa, experience moments of absolute tranquility and immerse yourself in a new lifestyle. For the face or body, for aesthetics, slimming, beauty or sensory travel…

  • Hammam Rituals
  • Spa World Massages (Ayurvedic, Oriental, Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hot Stones)
  • Sports Massages
  • Slimming and Regeneration Care (LPG Care – Cellu-m6 – Presso therapy…)
  • Expert Facial and Body Care
  • Foot massages
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Jean Louis David, International Hairdressing Franchise offers you a unique experience.

The design of the Jean Louis David salons, where elegance and sobriety meet modernity and technicality, offers you maximum comfort and is contemporary and refined in harmony with the ⓜ Wellness Centers which welcomes it….

Our Jean Louis David Salons in Rabat, Meknes and Kenitra are open to professionals in the services of hairdressing for men & women and brides, facial stylists in cuts, colorations, hair care, extensions as well as teams dedicated to hand and foot care.

For your wedding, our wedding experts, make-up artists & professional hairdressers are here to take care of you, you will look gorgeous for the best day of your life!

The Jean Louis David Woman is timeless,
The Jean Louis David Man is elegant and refined …